Everest Motors, the importers and exporters of Japanese used cars from Dubai. We have been in business over 15 years and rolling of 2000 units each month. With our knowledge and experience in car business for over 13 years, we will not let giving you any major trouble and its outside look would be beautiful enough to drive in fashionable areas of your city with pride and thanksgiving to God. We will take care to do following jobs for your satisfaction.

  • Thoroughly check and clean your car from inside and outside and ship it to you after washing and wax cleaning.
  • Ensure proper engine functioning and its tuning; will not ship any car whose exhaust its giving any black smoke.
  • Provide excellent battery in good condition, usable for a sufficiently long time at your end without giving you any trouble.
  • Provide excellent tires over 80% threads.
  • Vinyl plastic covers on seats after properly cleaning seats and the car interior.
  • Ensure proper functioning of clutch and brakes and to bring them in good working order.
  • No accident cars with trouble in engine or with a damaged body. Small scratches on used cars unavoidable, but no body part will be in damaged condition. All cars looking beautiful in outside and interior appearance with good body condition.
  • All Cars with a spare wheel in good condition, toolkit and other accessories as available when buying a new car.

Everest Motors team are seriously interested in your complete satisfaction, as buying a used car means your total reliance and dependence on our good service of the car which you and your family would love and enjoy its drive for your ease, convenience and comfort, which every civilized and educated person of 21st century is looking for.

The car that we would ship you, would be a great showpiece for advertising our services and reliability as we are looking forward to more business orders from your friends and relatives, it would be our earnest desire to give you full satisfaction by our ceaseless efforts so that your word of mouth to your friends may prove to be the best advertisement of our services for a long term business in your country.

You can easily pay us in American Dollars through direct Bank remittance to our accounts in Dubai. Please contact us for Bank Account Number where you can deposit the payment easily.

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